Jeremiah 5:1-31

Jeremiah 5:1-31

👉 The people refused correction, refused to repent, and then had the audacity to ask, “Why has the Lord done all these things to us?”

How often are we guilty of the same foolishness?

Chasing a thousand other things.

Looking for love in all the wrong places.

Neglecting time with the Lord.

Not bothering to open his Word.

Refusing to repent.

Attempting to justify our behavior.

And then – when life is a mess of our own making – when we find ourselves in a pit that we dug with our own hands – we cry out, “Lord, why are you doing this to me?”

👉 And the Lord graciously answered.

• you are foolish and senseless people
• you refuse to see or hear me
• you do not fear me
• you have stubborn and rebellious hearts
• you do not acknowledge that your very existence depends upon what I provide

[Whoa. Someone needs to just sit with that for a minute. Okay. It’s me. I’m someone.]

And then the Lord dropped the bomb.

“Your sins have kept good from you.”

Have you ever had to sit with the realization that – whatever the struggle is – you did it to yourself? Ugh.

[Now – don’t hear me say that every struggle is self inflicted. The world is broken for sure and life is difficult. I’m just saying that – sometimes – we make it more difficult.]

And it is not what the Lord desires for us. But we will talk about that tomorrow in chapter six. Stay tuned. [Shameless plug.]

I love y’all. Thanks for being here. ♥️

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