Jeremiah 4:1-31

Jeremiah 4:1-31

👉 God gives the people an If / Then scenario (v 1-3).


• you return to me
• you remove your detestable things
• you do not waver
• you swear the Lord lives
• you live in truth, justice, righteousness


• you will experience blessing and glory

👉 God makes it clear to the people of Israel – and to us – that returning to the Lord must result in changed behaviors(v 1-3) and changed hearts (v 4).

👉 If the people do not return, the Lord warns them of what will come to them.

• disaster (v 6)
• destruction (v 6)
• deception (v 10)
• death (v 10)
• desolation (v 27)

👉 Heart check – do I feel “anguish” over those who are far from God? Do I “writhe in pain” over what awaits them? (v 19)

👉 Sad spoiler alert: the things the people had chased – the things they chose over their God – turned on them in the end (v 30). And it will be the same for us.

Happy Sunday evening, friends.

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