Jeremiah 3:1-25

Jeremiah 3:1-25

The Lord outlines Israel’s sin:

• unfaithfulness (v 6)
• chasing every idol (v 6)
• took her sin lightly (v 9)
• rebellion, unfaithfulness, and disobedience (v 13)

👉 God knew everything they had done. All of it. Every detail. And he still called for them to return.

Return, faithless Israel (v 12).

Return, faithless children (v 14).

Return, faithless sons (v 22).

Do you see it? The acknowledgment of how they had behaved – faithless – but also a reminder of who they were – children, sons?

👉 God calls us to return to him knowing exactly where we have been and what we have done.

God’s promises for when they returned:

• I will not look on you in anger (v 12)
• I am merciful (v 12)
• I will bring you to Zion (v 14)
• I will give you godly shepherds (v 15)
• you will be fed (v 15)
• you will be fruitful (v 16)
• I will heal your faithlessness (v 22)

👉 Only God could take the faithless and make them fruitful.

God promised his people healing from their unfaithfulness. Why did they need healing? I’m so glad you asked.

Because they were devoured by their shame (v 24-25). They had so much shame they wanted to just lie down in it and let it cover them up.

👉 Can’t you just relate? Haven’t we all done something that we are just ashamed of – humiliated by – want to just sink into it and disappear?

Here’s the good news of the gospel in one chapter.

God knows exactly where we have been.

God still wants us to come to him.

God will heal us from the shame of what we have done.

Mercy – not anger.

That is good news, my friend.

You are loved.

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