Jeremiah 2:1-37

Jeremiah 2:1-37

There is something so tender and sad about this reminder of how it had once been (v 1-3).

• devotion
• love
• faithfulness
• holiness

And the heartbreaking reality of where God’s people now find themselves (v 4-8).

• far from the Lord
• going after worthlessness
• becoming worthless
• not seeking the Lord

👉 Do you see how the people became like the thing they chased? What if we were all Christ chasers?

Possibly, the saddest of all is the way they exchanged all of God’s gifts for the world’s worthlessness (v 9-21).

• glory for worthlessness
• a flowing fountain for broken cisterns
• pure seed for a wild vine

They forsake the Lord (v 17).

They do not fear him (v 19).

They attempt to cleanse themselves (v 22).

It all leads them to a place of hopelessness (v 25).

But – even then – they did not acknowledge their sin. They did not repent (v 35). And – because of this – the Lord told them, “you will not prosper” (v 37).

👉 What are you chasing today? Is it something you want to become?

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