Job 9:1-35

Job 9:1-35

👉 Job’s Faith Speaks

God is:

• wise in heart (v 4)

• mighty in strength (v 4)

• removes mountains (v 5)

• shakes the earth (v 6)

• commands the sun (v 7)

• seals up the stars (v 7)

• stretched out the heavens (v 8 )

• made the constellations (v 9)

• does great things (v 10)

• is mighty and just (v 19)

These little glimpses of Job’s faith mean so much. I love that – even in passages where his faith seems to struggle (never disappear, mind you) but struggle – it’s almost always followed by these reminders of who God is to Job.

It’s this back and forth of –

This is what I feel…


This is what I know.

👉 Lamentations 3 is a beautiful example of this.

Verses 1-20 describe a man in absolute misery. But – verse 21 says, “But this I call to mind and therefore I have hope…”

He then goes on to recount the faithfulness, mercy, and love of the Lord.

He had to call it to mind. He had to remind himself. He had to choose to dwell on truth instead of trials.

I believe that’s what we see in Job. He acknowledges his suffering – and then calls to mind what he knows is true.

👉 What do you need to call to mind today?

Happy Friday, friends!

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