Job 6:1-30

Job 6:1-30

👉 Job admitted that his outburst in chapter three was a bit rash (v 3) and seemed to acknowledge the sovereignty of God in all of the devastation that had come to him (v 4). The fact that he would prefer God to “loose his hand” tells me that he did believe God still held him even in such pain and loss.

👉 As for Eliphaz’s words, Job found them unpleasant and unsatisfying (v 5-7.) The group of friends as a whole had proven unreliable and unhelpful (v 14-18). In fact, Job found Eliphaz to be unkind (v 14) and offering nothing in terms of comfort (v 21).

👉 Job said that Eliphaz saw his calamity and was afraid (v 21). What was he afraid of?

Job clarified by saying…

• I didn’t ask you for a gift.
• I didn’t ask for any of your wealth.
• I didn’t ask you to deliver me.
• I didn’t ask you to redeem me.

Job implied that Eliphaz was afraid that comforting Job might cost him something. That something might be asked of him.

[Point to ponder: Do we avoid people who are hurting because we are afraid it may cost us something?]

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