Job 3:1-26

Job 3:1-26

👉 Job’s current situation (v 24-26):

• sighing
• groaning
• fear
• dread
• not at ease
• no quiet
• no rest
• trouble

👉 Job’s current question:

• why? v 11
• why? v 12
• why? v 16
• why? v 20
• why? v 23

👉 Haven’t we all been there? There are seasons when the hits just keep coming and all we can utter is, “Why, Lord?”

Don’t jump ahead but I’ll let you in on a little secret – we don’t hear from the Lord for 35 more chapters. But, when we do, he speaks for four chapters and, spoiler alert, he doesn’t answer Job’s question of “Why?”

But – he answers a more important question.

It’s not that “Why” is wrong to ask. It’s not that it’s a bad question – but it isn’t the best question.

I think I love the book of Job. It certainly isn’t an easy one – but remaining steadfast in the face of suffering is an example we all need in our lives.

You are cherished and adored and the apple of your Father’s eye.

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