Job 2:1-13

Job 2:1-13

👉 Hold Fast

After tremendous loss, the Lord described Job as, “still holding fast” (v 3).

This idea of holding fast is found throughout all of Scripture. It would make an amazing topic of personal study. [Deuteronomy 10:20, 1 Thessalonians 5:21, Hebrews 3:6 / 4:14 / 10:23, Revelation 2:15 – Just to get you started.]

👉 Satan made a second accusation – that Job only feared God because he enjoyed good health (v 4-5). The Lord again gave Satan access – “he is in your hand” – but also limits – “only spare his life” (v 6).

So Job was covered in loathsome sores and was in such misery that he sat in the ashes and scraped himself with broken pieces of pottery (v 7-8).

👉 Along Came Three Friends (v 11-13)

These three friends get a bad rap because they said a lot of unhelpful things. But we aren’t there yet. 😉

[Bible Study Tip: don’t mentally jump ahead when reading Scripture. Stay with the story as it progresses or you will miss valuable nuggets of truth.]

In this moment, Job’s three friends responded well. They…

• went out of their way to be with him
• showed up
• sympathized and comforted
• grieved with him
• sat with him
• were silent
• recognized his suffering was great

Sometimes, the best thing we can do for hurting people is to
show up,
be silent, and
sit with them.

👉 Grief changes people (v 12).

Job’s friends didn’t even recognize him. [We see this also with Naomi in Ruth 1:19.]

Grieving people don’t need the added weight of trying to pretend to be who they were before. There can be growth and goodness that is born out of great loss but – make no mistake – it changes people.

Whatever trial you are facing today – hold fast, friends. You are loved and God is for you.

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