Job 1:1-22

Job 1:1-22

👉 Meet Job (v 1-5):

• lived in Uz
• blameless and upright
• feared God
• turned away from evil
• 7 sons and 3 daughters
• a great number of livestock
• many servants
• greatest of all the people in the east
• would rise early to pray
• was consistent

In fact, the Lord said that there “was none like him on the earth” (v 8 ). [This is interesting because many believe that Job lived at the same time as Abraham. So, this is high praise indeed.]

👉 Satan entered the scene and what had he been doing (v 7)?

• going to and fro on the earth
• walking up and down on in

Evil walks among us, friends. And he isn’t just out for a stroll to clear his head. [Why does Satan walk up and down on the earth? Read 1 Peter 5:8 for the answer.]

👉 The Lord turned Satan’s attention to the blameless and upright Job. But what is Satan’s accusation (v 10)?

• Satan believed Job only feared God because he had been given so much stuff. He accused Job of only loving the Lord because he had been blessed financially.

👉 The Lord gave Satan access to Job (touch all that he has) but also limits (don’t touch him) (v 12).

• oxen and donkeys are stolen / servants killed (v 14-15)
• sheep and servants consumed by fire (v 16)
• camels stolen and servants killed (v 17)
• sons and daughters killed when house collapsed (v 18-19)

👉 Job’s Response (v 20-22):

• tore his robe, shaved his head
• fell on the ground, worshipped
• blessed the Lord, did not sin
• did not accuse God of wrong

This scene is a beautiful reminder that mourning and worship co exist.

What a dramatic beginning of a book, right?

The book of Job will make us examine the reasons behind our reverence. Do we fear God because of what he has given or because of who he is? Do we trust him when things don’t make sense? Do we ask the right questions in the face of adversity?

Hope you’ll join me as we journey with Job!

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