Esther 8:1-17

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Esther 8:1-17

This is the “Where are they now?” portion of our story.

👉 Esther

• was given the house of Haman (v 1)

• set Mordecai in charge of the house (v 2)

👉 The King

• gave Mordecai his signet ring (which used to be on Haman’s finger) (v 2)

• told Mordecai to write an edict allowing the Jews to gather, defend themselves, and kill anyone who tried to harm them or take their things (v 8 )

👉 The Jews

• had the power and permission to defend themselves (v 11)

• had light, gladness, joy, and honor (v 16)

• had a feast and a holiday (v 17)

👉 Mordecai

• given royal robes of blue and white and a golden crown (v 15)

🎉 Here is what I don’t want you to miss.

The Lord took his people from…

loud and bitter cries
great mourning

in chapter 4 to…


in chapter 8.

The people went from


in chapter 4 to


in chapter 8.

If you are in distress right now – if life seems hard and bitter – don’t give up. You may only be in chapter four or five. But God is at work behind the scenes and chapter eight is coming.

Good things are coming.

Glory things.

God things.

Remember – God’s people will not be overcome (Esther 6:13).

You are precious in the eyes of God and he is for you.

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