Esther 7:1-10

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Esther 7:1-10

👉 How did Esther show wisdom in approaching the king?

• She exercised restraint (v 2)

Esther waited for the king to bring up her request.

• She showed humility (v 3).

She began with, “If I have found favor…” This also served as a reminder to the king that she had, in fact, always been in his good graces.

• She made a personal appeal (v 3-4).

My life, my people, we, I and my people – this made sure the king was aware that his queen was personally affected.

• She played to the king’s weakness – his obsession with self (v 4).

This showed that Esther had insight into what would matter to the king.

👉 Two things about anger and hatred…

  1. Anger and hatred will blind a person to the potential fallout of his/her actions (v 5-6). In his haste to harm the Jews – Haman unknowingly threatened the life of the queen.
  2. A person’s anger and hatred of others will reap unpleasant consequences in his/her own life (v 10). Haman was hanged on the very gallows he had built out of his hatred for Mordecai.

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