Esther 2:1-23

Esther 2:1-23

The party is over and the king needs a new queen (v 1-2).

👉 Important People


• the king’s eunuch
• in charge of the virgins gathered to compete for the crown


• a Jew in Susa
• a Benjaminite
• like a father to his cousin, Esther


• had neither father or mother
• beautiful figure, lovely to look at
• viewed Mordecai as a father
• taken to the palace to compete for the crown
• pleased and won the favor of Haggai
• advanced to the best place in the harem
• had not made it known that she was a Jew b/c Mordecai had commanded her not to tell
• won favor in the eyes of all who saw her
• won the grace and favor of the king
• was made queen in place of Vashti

👉 Meanwhile, out at the king’s gate…

• Mordecai discovered that two of the king’s eunuchs were angry and intended to harm the king
• Mordecai tells Queen Esther
• Esther tells the king and credits Mordecai with the information
• it is found to be true and the two men are hanged
• the whole account is recorded in the book of chronicles

👉 Important tip while reading Esther – look for the ways God was at work behind the scenes. The name of God is not in the book of Esther but the hand of God is all over it.

For example, Esther found favor with everyone in the palace. I doubt she was the only lovely lady or the only kind one. But something about her elevated her in the eyes of others.

Mordecai just happened to be in the right place at the right time to overhear the plot against the king. [This will be really important later.]

👉 Read chapter two again. Where do you see God at work behind the scenes?

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