Nehemiah 11-13

Nehemiah 11-13

Jerusalem had been rebuilt and it now had to be repopulated.

👉 Who was to live in Jerusalem?

• leaders of the people (v 11:1)
• those chosen by lot (v 11:1)
• those who volunteered (v 11:2)

👉 Names, many, many names (v 11:3-12:26)

Again, the names matter. Much like those who had chosen to return from Babylon – these individuals were leaving the comforts and ease of established towns to begin all over again in Jerusalem.

👉 Dedication and Worship Service (v 12:27-47)

• celebration
• purification
• choirs
• music
• singers
• sacrifices
• joy

So much joy – “The joy of Jerusalem was heard far away” (v 12:43). ♥️

At some point, Nehemiah returns to his position at the palace. Then, he makes a return trip to Jerusalem to check on things.

👉 What did Nehemiah find?

• Tobiah, an Ammonite and the enemy of the work all along, occupying space in the temple (v 13:4-5)
• the temple workers not being provided for and having to leave their temple service to work in the fields (v 13:10)
• the sabbath not being honored (v 15-16)
• the people intermarrying with the people of the land (v 23)

Bad, bad, bad. All bad.

👉 How did Nehemiah respond?

Among the many, many admirable characteristics we have previously mentioned – Nehemiah knew how to and was willing to take care of business, people.

• threw Tobiah and his belongings out of the temple (v 13:8)
• put the temple back in order (v 13:9)
• confronted the leaders and appointed reliable men to handle the distribution of resources (v 13:11-13)
• threatened to put his hands on those who dishonored the sabbath (v 13:21) [Seriously, how do you not love this? “If you are here when I come back, I will lay hands on you.”]
• confronted those who had intermarried – cursed them, beat some of them, and pulled out their hair (v 13:25)

All I know is that I used to want to hang out with Paul in heaven – but I think Nehemiah is more my people.

👉 Nehemiah’s Prayers

[Spoiler alert: He’s not sorry for any of it.]

• remember me and my good deeds (v 13:14)
• remember this in my favor (v 13:22)
• remember me for my good (v 13:31)

Oh, to have the holy backbone that Nehemiah had.

You are loved.

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