Nehemiah 11-13

Nehemiah 11-13

Jerusalem had been rebuilt and it now had to be repopulated.

πŸ‘‰ Who was to live in Jerusalem?

β€’ leaders of the people (v 11:1)
β€’ those chosen by lot (v 11:1)
β€’ those who volunteered (v 11:2)

πŸ‘‰ Names, many, many names (v 11:3-12:26)

Again, the names matter. Much like those who had chosen to return from Babylon – these individuals were leaving the comforts and ease of established towns to begin all over again in Jerusalem.

πŸ‘‰ Dedication and Worship Service (v 12:27-47)

β€’ celebration
β€’ purification
β€’ choirs
β€’ music
β€’ singers
β€’ sacrifices
β€’ joy

So much joy – β€œThe joy of Jerusalem was heard far away” (v 12:43). β™₯️

At some point, Nehemiah returns to his position at the palace. Then, he makes a return trip to Jerusalem to check on things.

πŸ‘‰ What did Nehemiah find?

β€’ Tobiah, an Ammonite and the enemy of the work all along, occupying space in the temple (v 13:4-5)
β€’ the temple workers not being provided for and having to leave their temple service to work in the fields (v 13:10)
β€’ the sabbath not being honored (v 15-16)
β€’ the people intermarrying with the people of the land (v 23)

Bad, bad, bad. All bad.

πŸ‘‰ How did Nehemiah respond?

Among the many, many admirable characteristics we have previously mentioned – Nehemiah knew how to and was willing to take care of business, people.

β€’ threw Tobiah and his belongings out of the temple (v 13:8)
β€’ put the temple back in order (v 13:9)
β€’ confronted the leaders and appointed reliable men to handle the distribution of resources (v 13:11-13)
β€’ threatened to put his hands on those who dishonored the sabbath (v 13:21) [Seriously, how do you not love this? β€œIf you are here when I come back, I will lay hands on you.”]
β€’ confronted those who had intermarried – cursed them, beat some of them, and pulled out their hair (v 13:25)

All I know is that I used to want to hang out with Paul in heaven – but I think Nehemiah is more my people.

πŸ‘‰ Nehemiah’s Prayers

[Spoiler alert: He’s not sorry for any of it.]

β€’ remember me and my good deeds (v 13:14)
β€’ remember this in my favor (v 13:22)
β€’ remember me for my good (v 13:31)

Oh, to have the holy backbone that Nehemiah had.

You are loved.

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