Nehemiah 9:1-38

Nehemiah 9:1-38

Just in case you need something to get you in the mood to worship this morning. This chapter serves as a record of the history of God and his people.

👉 God (v 5-15):

• blessed, glorious name

• Lord alone, creator and preserver of all, object of heavenly worship

• chose Abram and gave him a new name

• promise keeper, righteous

• saw affliction and heard cries

• performed signs and wonders

• divided the sea

• led the people

• came down, gave good statutes

• made known

• provided for the people

👉 But the people (v 16):

• acted presumptuously, stiffened neck, did not obey

👉 God (v 17-24):

• ready to forgive, gracious, merciful, slow to anger, abounding in steadfast love

• great mercy, did not forsake them

• instructed them, did not withhold provision

• sustained them, they lacked nothing

• gave them kingdoms and people

• multiplied their children

• subdued their enemies

👉 Nevertheless, the people (v 26):

• were disobedient, rebelled, killed prophets, uttered blasphemous words

👉 God (v 27-30):

• heard from heaven, gave them saviors

• delivered them many times

• warned them

👉 But the people (v 28-30):

• did evil

• acted presumptuously, were stubborn, sinned

• would not listen

👉 God (v 31-35):

• did not forsake, gracious, merciful

• great, mighty, awesome, steadfast love

• righteous, faithful

• great goodness

👉 Does anyone else see a pattern?

The people continually failed, followed, failed again, followed again – and isn’t this just our way? We are a prone to wander people.

But God doesn’t wander or waver or weaken in his love for us. Grace, mercy, faithfulness – it’s just who he is completely independent of our behavior. It’s hard to wrap our minds around but he doesn’t change based on our failings. He can’t stop being who he is just because we stumble.

Grace is just his way with his people (Psalm 119:132.)

If you have wandered, stumbled, fallen – read this chapter again.

If you feel ashamed, head hung low, tempted to hide – read this chapter again.

If you think you’ve done too much, not done enough, gone too far – read this chapter again.

You are loved with the steadfast love of God.

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