Nehemiah 8:1-18

Nehemiah 8:1-18

The work was complete and it was time to worship.

👉 The Worship Service

• The people all gathered and Ezra brought out the Scripture (v 1).

• Men, women, and all who could understand assembled (v 2).

• Ezra read from the Scripture from early morning until mid day (v 3).

• The ears of all the people were attentive (v 3).

• Ezra stood on a platform with a group of leaders (v 4).

• The people stood for the reading of God’s Word (v 5).

• The people prayed and worshipped (v 6).

• The leaders helped the people understand the law (v 7).

• The Scripture was read and explained clearly (v 8 ).

• The people were moved to tears by the reading of the law (v 9).

• Worship brings awareness of sin, conviction, and repentance but should also lead to joy (v 10-12).

Do you see how the ability to gather was a gift? How the hearing of the Word was an honor?

Now, that is a worship service I would love to have attended. May we gather with the same gratefulness and listen with the same attentiveness tomorrow.

You are loved.

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