Nehemiah 7:1-73

Nehemiah 7:1-73

👉 When the wall had been built, Nehemiah (v 1):

• set up doors
• put gatekeepers in place
• appointed singers
• appointed Levites

👉 Two men put in charge over Jerusalem (v 2):

• Hanani – the one who originally told Nehemiah the condition of Jerusalem in chapter one

• Hananiah – governor of the castle; a more faithful and God fearing man than many

👉 The Lord put it into Nehemiah’s heart to do a record of the people (v 5).

This is the second time that Nehemiah said that God “put something in his heart.”

This is a reminder that Nehemiah was a man of prayer – continually in contact and in tune with the heart of the Father. And – in both instances – Nehemiah did the thing. He was obedient in what God put in his heart to do.

👉 The names – many, many names (v 8-73).

These names matter.

God’s people were in exile in Babylon for 70 years. When God delivered them and they were able to return to Jerusalem – the majority chose to stay in Babylon where life had become familiar and comfortable.

But a few – only about 2% – obeyed God’s call to return to the Promised Land. Only 2% left comfort to obey the call and God knew every name.

And, here, for all eternity – their names are read and remembered. Read their names.

Our names – who have chosen the call of Christ over the comforts of the world – who journey one (sometimes agonizing) step at a time – the faithful few.

Our names matter. And they are written in heaven and God knows every one of them.

Happy Friday.

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