Nehemiah 6:1-19

Nehemiah 6:1-19

👉 We see two important things in this chapter.

  1. The enemy was persistent.
  2. Nehemiah was consistent.

The work was almost complete (v 1) and the enemy was aware (v 2).

👉 The enemy attempted two tactics to stop the work.

  1. “Come on down from there and let’s talk” (v 2).
  2. “Let me just tell you what folks are saying about you” (v 6-7).

👉 If you’re keeping a list of all of Nehemiah’s amazing character qualities (and you should be 😉), here are two more.

  1. Nehemiah had incredible discernment (v 2, 8-9.)

This is, no doubt, directly a result of his faithful prayer life. [Side note: Save yourself a lot of heartache. Seek counsel from prayerful people.]

  1. Nehemiah knew the value of the work he was doing (v 3).

One way the enemy will try to stop us is by attempting to minimize the importance of the work we’re doing. Whether it’s ministry, marriage, parenting, our occupation, being a faithful friend… the enemy will try all manner of things to get us to throw in the towel.

Our mantra must be, “I am doing a great work and I cannot come down.”

Let’s have the commitment of Nehemiah who would not let anything or anyone cause him to leave that wall until the work was done.

You are loved.

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