Nehemiah 4:1-23

Nehemiah 4:1-23

The opposition to the work of God’s people dramatically escalated.

At first, the enemy was displeased (v 2:10) and jeered a little (v 2:19). By chapter four, however, things had gotten a lot more intense.

👉 The enemy:

• was greatly enraged (v 1)

• recruited many others (v 7)

• was very angry (v 7)

• plotted to attack (v 8 )

• sought to cause confusion (v 8 )

• caused doubt and discouragement ( 10)

• threatened physical harm and death (v 11)

👉 And, possibly even more difficult to stand against, family and friends were encouraging the people to stop the work (v 12).

👉 This level of opposition required:

• strong hands (v 2:18)

• strong minds (v 6)

• prayer (v 8 )

• a plan (v 9)

• a lack of fear (v 14)

• a willingness to fight (v 14)

👉 Among Nehemiah’s many leadership qualities we have already mentioned, we find out that he can give an amazing inspirational speech and that the people trusted him.

In the face of the rage and threats from the enemy and the fear and uncertainty of family and friends, Nehemiah and the people:

• returned to the wall and to the work (v 15)

• continued to labor (v 21)

Don’t give up, friends. Whatever battle the enemy is waging against you. Whatever opposition you are facing.


Take action when appropriate.

And return to the wall.

You are loved.

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