Nehemiah 3:1-32

Nehemiah 3:1-32

Sometimes, I wish I were a little bolder. Like when the worship leader says, “Feel free to sit or stand.” Then he begins leading in a song and I’m looking for someone around me to stand so that I can stand too without being the first to do so.

Maybe that’s why I love the opening verse of this chapter.

“Then Eliashib the high priest rose up with his brothers and they built the Sheep Gate.”

Not just any priest – the high priest – rose up and began to build. Setting an example. Leading by serving.

And look who followed his example.

Priests (v 1)
Goldsmiths (v 8 )
Perfumers (v 8 )
Rulers (v 9)
Daughters (v 12)
Levites (v 17)
Servants (v 26)
Merchants (v 32)

No doubt, there were people skilled in construction that took part. There were bricklayers and craftsmen. I believe these people were mentioned to showcase the group effort.

People were working outside their comfort zones – outside what we would call their “giftedness.” [Don’t pretend you haven’t attempted to get out of some area of service claiming, “That’s not my spiritual gift.” 😆]

What we see in Nehemiah 3 is a picture of how the Church should operate when a need arises. Individuals from all walks of life building, repairing, and restoring. Saying, “I don’t know how to do that but I’m happy to learn.”

Don’t be afraid to learn something new. To get sweaty. To get uncomfortable.

If you don’t know how to get involved – I will give you the one phrase I have taught my children since they were small. [I can see them rolling their eyes now.]

Are you ready for it?

You walk up to anyone doing any task anywhere anytime and you say…

“How can I help?”

Try it. It works.

Happy Friday, friends. You are immensely loved.

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