Nehemiah 1

Nehemiah 1:1-11

We find Nehemiah living in the king’s palace serving as his personal cupbearer. In a series of events that only God could orchestrate – this position gave him regular access to the king at a time when it would be very beneficial for God’s people.

👉 Nehemiah discovered the condition of God’s people and Jerusalem (v 3).

• great trouble
• shame
• walls of Jerusalem broken down
• gates destroyed by fire

👉 Nehemiah’s response (v 4):

• weeping
• mourning
• fasting
• praying

👉 Nehemiah had:

• high standing (v 1)
• heart for his people (v 4)
• humility (v 6)

The book of Nehemiah is beautiful. It’s a picture of God bringing something good out of brokenness. Something beautiful rises from rubble.

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