Revelation 17:1-18

Revelation 17:1-18

👉 Here we have a description of the great prostitute – which is named “Babylon the great” (v 5).

Now – by John’s day – the Babylon of the Old Testament was gone but the term “Babylon” became synonymous with any earthly power or civilization opposed to God. In John’s day – this would have been Rome. We could pick any number of places today that would epitomize evil and wickedness.

👉 The great prostitute:

(References to sexual immorality in Revelation are references to religious unfaithfulness – worshipping false gods, etc. This chapter describes a religious Babylon.)

• seated in many waters [will appeal to and entice many different people]

• with whom kings of the earth and dwellers on earth have committed sexual immorality [This religious Babylon deceives kings and commoners.]

• arrayed in purple and scarlet but holding a golden cup of impurities [her appearance screams luxury but what she offers is filth.]

• drunk with the blood of the saints [responsible for the persecution of saints and takes pleasure in it]

👉 Isn’t this just what the enemy does today, friends? His ways appeal to many people because he disguises it all in luxury. Many will be led astray by the promises of pleasure only to discover that the golden cup was filled to the brim with pain.

What is the answer? How do we not fall for it?

“This calls for a mind with wisdom…” (v 9)

In Proverbs 4:5-13, there is a beautiful passage on wisdom.

“Get wisdom…
She will keep you…
She will guard you…
She will exalt you…
She will honor you…
She is your life…”

👉 Many will be deceived by the world – we must be devoted to the Word and to wisdom.

Because, in the end, the Lamb will conquer and those with him are called, chosen, and faithful (v 14).

Have a great Wednesday. You are loved.

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