Revelation 15-16

Revelation 15-16

👉 Seven angels with seven plagues and with these plagues the wrath of God is finished ( Rev 15:1).

👉 1st bowl of wrath:

• harmful and painful sores on those who took the mark of the beast

👉 2nd bowl of wrath:

• sea became like blood and everything in it died

👉 3rd bowl of wrath:

• rivers and springs of water become blood

👉 4th bowl of wrath:

• allowed those who did not repent or give God glory to be scorched with fire

👉 5th bowl of wrath:

• poured on the throne of the beast

• the kingdom of the beast plunged into darkness

• people do not repent though in anguish and pain

👉 6th bowl of wrath:

• the Euphrates dried up

• out of the mouth of the dragon, beast, and false prophet come three unclean spirits

• the spirits perform signs and assemble the kings of the world

👉 7th bowl of wrath:

• poured into the air

• “it is done”

• lightening, thunder, and hail

• cities of the nations fell

• Babylon made to drain the cup of his wrath

👉 Revelation’s Third Blessing:

Blessed is the one who stays awake, keeping his garments on, that he may not go about naked and be seen exposed (Rev 16:15).

Stay alert! Do not be lulled to sleep by comfort or complacency.

Stand firm! Do not grow weary or weak in your faith.

The Lord is returning and we don’t know when. But – when he does – may he find us awake, ready, and anticipating his arrival.

You are loved.

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