Revelation 14:1-20

Revelation 14:1-20

Chapter 13 was filled with details of the beasts which would deceive so many of the people on earth. Deception and destruction.

But – this chapter opens with a beautiful scene.

👉 The Lamb stands on Mount Zion – and with him – the 144,000 who had his name on their foreheads. [Remember Revelation 3:12 – Jesus promised to write his new name on those who endured.]

👉 The 144,000 (v 3-5)

• learned a new song

• were redeemed from the earth

• spirituality pure

• follow the Lamb

• first fruits

• resemble Jesus

👉 The Angels’ Messages

Angel 1:

• had an eternal gospel to proclaim

• a call to fear God, give him glory, and worship

Angel 2:

• “Babylon is fallen”

Angel 3:

• those who worshipped the beast will drink the wine of God’s wrath

• no rest – day or night

👉 Revelation’s second blessing:

Blessed are those who die in the Lord for they have rest from their labors. [This is in stark contrast to the angel’s message for those who worshipped the beast.]

👉 Jesus (v 14-16)

• seated in a white cloud

• golden crown on his head

• sharp sickle in his hand

• reaped the harvest from the earth

👉 The Grape Harvest (v 17-20)

• gathered

• throne into the wine press of the wrath of God

• trodden outside the city

It’s a beautiful day, friends. Go on out there and live like you’re loved.

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