Revelation 9:1-21

Revelation 9:1-21

Okay, Revelation buddies! We are on chapter 9 today – sorry for the long pause over the weekend!

👉 Fifth trumpet (v 1-6)

• a star fell from heaven to earth [this is Satan – Luke 10:18]

• he was given the keys to the bottomless pit

• he opened the shaft to the pit; smoke rose and darkened the sun

• from the smoke came locusts with the power of scorpions

• told not to harm grass, plant, or tree

• could only harm those who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads [remember God’s people had been sealed in Revelation 7:3]

• allowed to torment for five months [notice that Satan was “given the key” and was only “allowed” five months – God is still in control]

👉 Sixth trumpet (v 13-18)

• four angels are released

• to kill 1/3 of mankind

• three plagues: fire, smoke, sulphuric

👉 The two thirds of mankind not killed by the plagues (v 20-21):

• did not repent

• did not give up worshipping idols

Imagine – these people watching mankind (those not sealed) being tormented for five months and then 1/3 of them killed by plagues and still not repenting or giving up their idols.

Aren’t we a stubborn, hard hearted bunch at times? How often do we see someone suffer from addiction, families broken by adultery, relationships devastated by deception – and, yet, we think we can play with those fiery things and not get burned. We think it could never be us.

Lord, soften our hearts and give us wisdom.

Happy Wednesday, friends.

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