Revelation 6:1-17

Revelation 6:1-17

Y’all knew this chapter was coming, didn’t you? Seals, horses, and devastation – oh my.

Remember – the scroll from the previous chapter was sealed with seven seals. In this chapter, six of them are opened.

👉 Seal One:

• revealed a white horse [don’t be fooled by the white horse – the following verses make it clear that this rider leaves war and devastation in his wake]

• rider had a bow and was given a crown

• came out conquering and to conquer

👉 Seal Two:

• revealed a bright red horse [this rider doesn’t bring anything – but he takes peace from the earth]

• rider permitted to take peace from the earth

• rider was given a great sword

👉 Seal Three:

• revealed a black horse

• rider held a pair of scales [this rider holds a pair of scales to show that food and resources must be weighed and rationed – indicating a time of scarcity]

👉 Seal Four:

• revealed a pale horse

• rider’s name was Death

• given authority over 1/4 of the earth [Jesus spoke of this time in Matthew 24:21]

👉 Seal Five:

• reveals, under the altar, the souls of those slain for their testimony

• the souls cry “how long”

• the souls are given white robes and told to rest until the number of those slain was complete

👉 Seal Six:

• a preview of the the destruction of the first heaven and earth

Oh, it’s getting good now.

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