Joshua 9:1-10:15 Courage and Cowardice

Joshua 9:1-10:15

Sometimes, there isn’t a huge application to be made from a passage. In the first picture, you’ll see an example of me doing a simple story board.

The Gibeonites heard about the battle victories the people of Israel were experiencing and they were afraid. So, they lied about their identity and their location.

Some interesting facts:
• the Gibeonites were described as cunning
• Joshua did not seek counsel from the Lord
• the people of Israel were deceived

[It reminded me somewhat of the garden of Eden. The serpent was described as crafty. Eve did not seek counsel and was deceived.]

The story gets really interesting, however, when we learn more about the Gibeonites in chapter 10 (second picture).


• was a great city
• like a royal city
• greater than Ai
• all its men were warriors

This great city filled with warriors feared the people of Israel and the God who fought on their behalf. This fear caused them to deceive and manipulate.

The cowardice of these men stands in stark contrast to the courage of Rahab in a previous chapter. Rahab – not a warrior but a prostitute – also heard about the mighty God of the people of Israel. Her fear of the Lord caused her to – not deceive – but declare her belief in God.

I love the upside downness of God’s kingdom where warriors who lie become servants and prostitutes who profess faith are in the lineage of Christ.

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  1. Love your blog. Each day I read it, it causes me to pause and pray and so often opens my eyes to situations in my life that I need to pray about or to be thankful for. Thank you for your witness.

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