Joshua 3 – Dry Ground

Joshua 3:1-17

What a great chapter.

As soon as the people saw the ark being carried – they were to set out and follow it (v 3).

👉 When God is on the move – God’s people should be quick to follow.

In this short passage, the people are reminded five times who it is that they are following.
• the Lord your God (v 3)
• the Lord [who does wonders] (v 5)
• the Lord your God (v 9)
• the Lord of all the earth (v 11)
• the Lord of all the earth (v 13)

And when the people obey and follow – God will without fail do what he has promised (v 10). We serve a faithful God.

But notice that the waters did not part until the priests dipped their feet into the Jordan (v 15). And their obedience and faith was rewarded. Notice that the people crossed over on dry ground (v 17.) Not only were the waters moved – it was as if the water was never there! Dry ground.

I couldn’t help but think that this is how our lives are changed when we follow Christ. There isn’t a muddy residue left behind – no lingering bits of the old us. We are not refurbished or repurposed. Christ makes us brand new.

Twice in the last verse – dry ground – during a season when the banks of the Jordan often overflowed. And when they crossed – they were slipping or sinking – they were standing firmly. What a great image.

Live like you’re loved – because you are. ♥️

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