Luke 24:36-53 The Final Words of Luke

Luke 24:36-53

The disciples:

• were startled (v 37)
• were frightened (v 37)
• thought they saw a spirit (v 37)
• were troubled (v 38)
• had hearts of doubt (v 38)
• still disbelieved (v 41)

Anyone frightened? Troubled? Doubtful?

As we close out (can you even believe it) our study of Luke – I am reminded of the humanity of the disciples.

They had heard all the sermons.

They had seen all the miracles.

They had walked with Jesus down dusty roads.

And yet – here, at the end – they were frightened, troubled, and doubtful.

And – as we learned earlier this week – Jesus is a gentle Savior.


• stood among them (v 36)
• spoke to them (v 36)
• showed his wounds (v 40)
• opened their minds to understand the Scriptures (v 45)
• led them and blessed them (v 50)

👉 If you have ever wanted to go deeper with your Bible study – ask Jesus to open your mind to understand the Scriptures.

Luke closed his gospel right where he began – in the temple. It’s a beautiful reminder that everything begins and ends with worship.

[Thank you to all who have looked at Luke with me since we began in November!]

Where will we go next? Stay tuned!

You are loved.

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