Luke 24:13-35 The Savior and the Slow of Heart

Luke 24:13-35

My heart has always gone out to the two individuals traveling on the road to Emmaus. Luke tells us that they were sad (v 17) because they had hoped Jesus would be the one (v 21) and, yet, nothing looked like they thought it would look.

I think we can all relate.

They are all worked up as they tell the story of what had taken place (v 17-24). I imagine them downcast and weary as they listed all of the things that had – in their minds – gone wrong. I hear exasperation at how it all looked so hopeless and confusion at how – of all things – the body couldn’t be found.

In response, Jesus called them “slow of heart to believe” (v 25).

[And I confess, “Yes, Lord, I often am.”]

But do you see what Jesus did to the foolish and slow of heart?

👉 Look at the gentleness of Jesus with those who are slow of heart to believe.

• He drew near (v 15).

• He interpreted the Scriptures for them (v 27).

• He stayed with and broke bread with them (v 29-30).

• He opened their eyes so that they could recognize him (v 31).

They had the Scriptures and the Prophets and still didn’t get it and Jesus said, “Here, let me explain it.”

Don’t you love that?!

If your circumstances don’t look like you had hoped and you’re struggling to see Jesus – ask him to open your eyes. Ask him to allow you to recognize him at work in your life.

He is a gentle Savior even with – especially with – the slow of heart.

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