Luke 18:31-34 For When You Don’t Understand

Luke 18:31-34

Jesus knew what was going to happen in Jerusalem. He knew that he would be:

• delivered to the Gentiles
• mocked
• shamefully treated
• spit upon
• flogged
• killed
• raised from the dead

Jesus was not in the dark about what was going to happen. He wasn’t confused by the current circumstances. He wasn’t caught off guard.

Then, we have one of my new favorite verses.

“But they [the twelve] understood none of these things…”

We see, in verse 31, that Jesus was talking to the twelve – his inner circle – the ones who had heard his teachings and witnessed his miracles. The twelve!

And they understood none – none – of the things they were hearing.

Sometimes, we look at our lives – the problems and pains – the loneliness and the loss – the shame and the struggle – and we understand none of it.

The Lord told us there would be trials. He warned that the world would hate us. He taught that it would be a life of sacrifice. But we just don’t grasp it.

But neither did the twelve and they walked the same roads as Jesus and heard the words from his very lips. So, we’re in good company.

What is important to remember – in those moments when we understand none of it – is that Jesus knows all of it. He is not caught off guard, confused, or uncertain. He is aware and at work.

👉 Are there things you don’t understand this morning? Just keep following Jesus; he knows exactly where he’s going.

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