Luke 18:15-30 The Rich Ruler

Luke 18:15-30

Lessons from The Rich Ruler

  1. Jesus is not just “good teacher” – he is God (v 18-19).
  2. The ruler wanted to “do” something in order to deserve eternal life (v 18).
  3. The ruler knew and had spent his life trying to keep the commandments (v 20-21).
  4. Jesus revealed that it was a person’s heart and not their habits that marked them as disciples (v 22).
  5. The sacrifice to follow Christ is great (v 23).
  6. Jesus acknowledged the difficulty but also, with God, the possibility of following him (v 27).
  7. Those who sacrifice much in this life for the sake of Christ will receive “many times more” in this time and eternal life in the time to come – blessings now and then (v 30).

You are seen and loved.

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