Luke 17:11-37 Living Like Jesus

Luke 17:11-37

This section begins with a reminder that Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem. He was on a journey and the destination was the cross. Every village he entered – it was for the last time.

👉 He entered one village and ten lepers were standing at a distance crying out for mercy.

And Jesus saw them (v 14).

That may seem small or not noteworthy but – y’all – lepers were outcasts. Unclean. The kind of people with whom (in that culture) you would never make eye contact and cross the road to avoid interacting.

Jesus made a point of seeing them and – then – he took it a step further and spoke to them.

It’s amazing how much we can resemble Jesus just by seeing and speaking to people who society avoids.

👉 Then – after the lepers are healed – there is the one who turns back to thank Jesus.

I always read this like a lesson on gratitude. Be the one who gives thanks, right?

This morning – however – I was drawn to the phrase “when he saw that he was healed” (v 15).

Gratitude is a natural response to the realization that God has intervened. When our lives lack gratitude – I can’t help but wonder if it is because we don’t realize the intervention that has taken place.

If we truly saw the healing that Jesus has performed in our hearts – we would turn back, praise God, and fall at Jesus’ feet in gratitude.

You are loved.

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