Luke 17:1-10 Faith and Forgiveness

Luke 17:1-10

Jesus made it clear that it was very bad news for anyone who caused a new believer to stumble (v 1-2). Better – he said – that the person be tossed into the sea with a millstone hung around his neck.

Let’s look for ways to encourage and uplift new believers. Load them with love and not legalism. Grace and not guilt.

When a brother does sin, Jesus taught believers how to respond (v 3-4).

  1. Be bold enough to rebuke.
  2. Be gracious enough to forgive.

👉 I found it interesting that after Jesus told the disciples that they must make forgiveness a way of life – the apostles immediately responded with, “Increase our faith.”

“Forgive over and over and over?

Yeah, I’m going to need some more faith for that.”

We’ve all been there.

But Jesus graciously reminded them that it was not the amount of their faith but the object of their faith that made the difference.

Faith and forgiveness are fundamental to gospel living.

It’s Friday, friends! Go on out there and live like you’re loved.

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