Luke 15:11-32 The Progression of the Prodigal

Luke 15:11-32

Oh, the prodigal son. We’ve judged him. We’ve cheered for him. We’ve been him.

👉 The Progression of the Prodigal

• he was impatient and wanted everything now (v 12)

He thought he knew better. He thought he could handle all that was coming to him right then.

• he journeyed to a far off country, lived recklessly, and squandered all he had been given (v 13)

It turned out – he couldn’t handle it.

• he began to be in need, longed to be fed, and had no one willing to help (v 14-16)

He lived recklessly, squandered everything. He had nothing and no one.

• he came to himself (v 17)

I imagine the son shaking his head and thinking, “What am I doing? I have a father who loves me.”

• he arose and went to his father (v 20)

It seems simple written on paper. He arose and went. But every step took courage and humility. Every step held the question – how will he receive me?

And we know the rest of the story.

👉 The Father:

• felt compassion
• ran to his child
• embraced him
• celebrated

And there was one other person.

👉 The Older Brother

• working in the fields
• faithful and obedient
• felt unappreciated
• angry at the attention given to the son who strayed

And don’t we get it? Aren’t we indignant on his behalf? Haven’t we all had our “what about me” moments?

I love the father’s words to the older, faithful, working in the fields, what about me son.

♥️ Message to the faithful:

You will be rewarded. You will get what’s coming to you (v 31). But it is fitting to celebrate and be glad when dead men are raised and when lost men are found (v 32).

Happy Friday, friends. You are seen and you are loved.

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