Luke 13:18-35 The Kingdom of God

Luke 13:18-35

Three descriptions of the Kingdom of God

A grain of mustard seed (v 18-19)

A man plants a single grain of mustard seed and it becomes a large tree where birds can build their nests. Small beginnings with large results that happen gradually over time.

A little leaven placed in three measures of flour (v 20)

A little leaven – over time – leavens all the flour. Again, small beginnings and big results gradually over time.

The narrow door (v 24)

Jesus said that the people must “strive” to enter the door.

{Strive – to struggle, to fight, to wrestle, to make every effort}

👉 This section ends with a stern warning. There were those who ate and drank with Jesus – who heard him teach in their towns – who assumed that those things alone were enough to get them into the Kingdom.

If Jesus is just entertainment but not exalted in our lives – if we listen but don’t view him as Lord – Jesus will tell us to “depart from him.”

And there will be people who come from the four corners of the earth – who did not see Jesus with their own eyes or hear him teach in their streets – but, through faith, believe. These people will recline at the table with him in the Kingdom of God.

You are so very loved.

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