Luke 13:10-17 Healing and Hypocrisy

Luke 13:10-17

Jesus was teaching in the synagogue and a woman came to hear his teaching.

The woman (v 11)

• had been disabled for 18 years
• was bent over
• could not straighten herself

Jesus healed the woman.

The ruler of the synagogue (v 14)

• was indignant b/c it was the Sabbath
• chose law over love
• suggested that she should have been healed some other day and some other place – not at church

But Jesus…

• laid his hands on the woman (v 13)
• called out the hypocrisy (v 15)
• reminded everyone of the woman’s identity – daughter of Abraham (v 16)

A fellow believer – an fellow heir of the promise – had been suffering for eighteen years. And the ruler was angry at her healing.

I wonder why?

Because he was all about the law – a legalist. Perhaps it was a disruption to the carefully ordered synagogue service. Maybe it took the attention away from him. Or it could have been that this woman’s brokenness made him uncomfortable and he would have preferred her healing happen elsewhere.

I think it’s probably all of the above. And, ultimately, he did not see her as Jesus saw her – an heir of the promise.

There must always be room for brokenness in our churches. Room for disruptions in our carefully laid plans. Room for love in our overly scheduled days.

Lord, give us eyes that see the identity of those bound in various ways. Addiction, affliction, shame. Whatever the brokenness – we are your children. Help us to love one another and rejoice when even one of our brothers or sisters is set free.

You are loved by God who is love.

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