Luke 11:14-26 Three Aspects of Following Christ

Luke 11:14-26

Three Aspects of Following Christ

1. There will always be “some” (v 14-15).

Jesus had just cast out a demon. A mute man was suddenly speaking. People were marveling.

But some…

And don’t we tend to focus on the some? We take our eyes off of Jesus and what he is doing and become obsessed with the some.

2. There is no middle ground (v 23.)

Jesus made it clear.

With me or against me.

Gathering or scattering.

There are no fence riding followers of Christ.

3. We must constantly be ridding ourselves of sinful attitudes and actions but also replacing them with godly attitudes and actions (v 24-26.)

It’s not enough to just clean house. We must refurnish it with things that honor the Lord.

Happy Friday, friends. You are crazy loved by your Creator.

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