Luke 10:1-12 A Living Sent Check List

Luke 10:1-12

What does it look like to live on mission?

A Living Sent Checklist

• understand that you are chosen and sent by the Lord (v 1)

• work with others – there are no Lone Ranger Christians (v 1)

• you are sent to places that Jesus Himself will go – plant seeds and don’t get discouraged if nothing immediately sprouts (v 1)

• you are sent to places where the work is plentiful – ministry is a messy, get your hands dirty kind of mission (v 2)

• you may be sent to places where fellow laborers are few (v 2) – lonely labor does not mean you’re off course

• part of being on mission is praying for more people to live on mission (v 2)

• go your way – don’t conform for the sake of comfort (v 3)

• live like lambs – gentle and meek – you can’t force feed faith (v 3)

• do not rely in worldly goods – travel light and hold “things” loosely (v 4)

• do not delay – “greet no one” – Bible time greetings were lengthy – the idea is to not put off or procrastinate – understand the urgency of the mission (v 4)

• enjoy the hospitality of those you seek to serve (v 7-8 )

• meet physical and spiritual needs (v 9)

What would it look like for us to be fully on mission today? Fully invested in the cause of Christ? To live as appointed and sent individuals?

You are loved.

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