Luke 9:43b-62 Five Distractions to Avoid

Luke 9:43b-62

I read recently that we have become a culture that praises the art of multitasking when what we were called to is singleness of heart.

We have exchanged devotion for distractions. When I read this passage, I saw all the things that we allow to distract us from our devotion to Christ.

Five Distractions

  1. Being focused on the show instead of the substance (v 43)
  2. Being uber focused on ourselves (v 46)
  3. Being focused on how God may be using someone else (v 49)
  4. Being focused on the critics and the naysayers (v 54)
  5. Being focused on worldly concerns (v 60-61)

Where is our focus tonight? What have we allowed to distract us from the cause of Christ?

You are loved.

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