Luke 9:28-36 Listen to Him

Luke 9:27-36

You just have to love Peter.

He woke up to find Jesus – shining with glory and chatting with Moses and Elijah.

Was he struck silent in awe? Was he listening to what they were discussing? No. Not our Peter.

He started talking. Planning. Making decisions.

God intervened.

“This is my Son,
my chosen One.
Listen to him!”

I can relate. I often think I know what God is about to do. I start making plans. You know, just trying to help the process along. 😉

And, sometimes, God has to stop me and remind me to listen to Jesus. Stop doing and listen. Stop trying to figure it out and listen. Stop attempting to control the situation and listen. Stop worrying and listen.

Listen to him.

You are loved.

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