Luke 9:10-17 Jesus Satisfies the Weary

Luke 9:10-17

The apostles had been out among the villages healing and teaching. When they returned and told Jesus all that they had done – his response was to take them to a desolate place so they could be alone with him (v 12.)

But the crowds followed and stayed with them throughout the day. And, by dinner time, everyone was hungry.

The crowds represented need. Ministry. Physically and emotionally draining work.

The apostles’ response was: “Send them away” (v 12).

Jesus’ response was: “Have them sit down” (v 14).

Jesus then fed them all. I love that we are told that they ALL ate and were satisfied.

The apostles – weary from their serving – were satisfied.

The crowds – weary from their suffering – were satisfied.

This is important because you and I may find ourselves in either group depending on the day. One minute we are serving ourselves right into weariness. And – the next minute – we are weary with life’s suffering.

And – in both scenarios – only Jesus satisfies us. When we are weary, he invites us to withdraw and be with him (v 10). And when we are in need, he welcomes and teaches us (v 11).

Either way, at the feet of Jesus, we are fed and satisfied. We are strengthened for whatever awaits us.

Whatever has you weary this morning, Jesus welcomes you. He invites you to sit down and be satisfied.

You are loved.

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