Luke 9:1-9 Reminders for the Road

Luke 9:1-9

The Twelve Apostles

• chosen and called by Jesus
• given power
• given authority
• given ability
• told to take no worldly goods
• instructed to not dwell on the negative

👉 As we live daily for Christ, our missions are very similar to that of the original twelve.

We are called by God.

We have the power and the authority of God – through the Holy Spirit – living within us.

We’ve each been given abilities specific to our mission.

We don’t need to focus on worldly goods. They can be tools for the task but we must never think the power comes from them.

We don’t need to dwell on the negative. People will reject us. We will make mistakes. But each day – we pick up our cross again and follow Jesus.

Happy Friday and stay warm. You are precious to God.

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