Luke 8:40-56 An Official and an Outcast

Luke 8:40-56

• ruler of the synagogue
• desperate
• 12 yo only daughter dying

A woman:
• discharge of blood for 12 yrs
• desperate
• broke and broken

An official and an outcast. Both desperate. Both welcome at the feet of Jesus. Whoever comes will not be cast aside (John 6:37).

Then, this sentence…

Someone came to the ruler and said – “your daughter is dead; do not trouble the teacher anymore.”

👉 What voices (the world, the enemy, other people, ourselves) try to declare things dead in our lives and make us stop “troubling” Jesus?

We hear the whispers.

The situation is hopeless.

That person will never change.

Quit trying.

Give up.

Do not trouble the Teacher anymore.

Lies, my friend. All of it lies. Don’t stop going to Jesus. What the world calls dead may only be asleep and a word from Jesus makes things arise (v 54).

It’s a new day. And his blessings are new every morning. You are loved.

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