Luke 8:1-15 Four Kinds of Faith

Luke 8:1-15

What kind of faith do I desire in 2022?

  1. A Fatal Faith (v 5, 12)

This is a faith that never survives at all. It is offered the Word but doesn’t receive it, take it in, or hold it fast.

  1. A Falling Away Faith (v 6, 13)

This is a faith that receives God’s Word, but doesn’t go deeper. It lacks roots and is caught off guard when trials come.

👉This often occurs when we mistake a life of faith for a life of ease.

  1. A Fragile Faith (v 7, 14)

This is a faith that is overpowered and choked out by the cares (negatives) and the pleasures (positives) of life.

👉 This often occurs when we feed and tend to the things of life more than the things of the Lord.

  1. A Firm Faith (v 8, 15)

This is a faith that flourishes. It listens to God’s Word and holds fast to it. It’s a faith that bears fruit in every season. It grows and yields a hundredfold.

Happy New Year, friends. Whatever this year holds – God is already there.

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