Luke 7:36-50 What the Sinful Woman Teaches Us

Luke 7:36-50

The sinful woman:

• was known in the city (v 37) – everyone knew her business and most judged her for it

• was a sinner (v 37) – the Pharisee knew it, Jesus knew it, she knew it

• was bold enough to enter the Pharisee’s house in order to be near Jesus (v 37) – what would I risk in order to be near him?

• was moved to tears in Jesus’ presence (v 38) – am I still moved by the presence of Jesus in my life?

• was seen by Jesus (v 44) – no sorrow, sin, or shame hides me from the One who loves me so.

• was forgiven of her many sins (v 47) – God has more forgiveness than I have guilt.

• was saved by faith (v 50) – every person ever saved since the beginning of time is saved the same way, through faith in Jesus.

• was given peace (v 50) – whatever our past, Jesus offers forgiveness and peace with the Father.

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