Luke 6:27-36 Six Ways to Treat an Enemy

Luke 6:27-36

How am I to treat my enemy?

  1. Love them. {Not “don’t hate them.”}
  2. Do good to them. {Not just “don’t do harm.”}
  3. Bless them. Desire good things for them. {Not simply “not curse them.”}
  4. Pray for them. {It’s really difficult to harbor ill will for someone for whom you are sincerely praying.}
  5. Give to them. {And expect nothing in return.}
  6. Be merciful. {We are to imitate our Father who showed mercy and kindness to us when we were enemies.}

Lord, help me to love like you love.

Only three sleeps until Christmas, friends. Let’s keep our eyes on the cradle and not the crazy.

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