Luke 2:41-52 Son of God and Son of Man

Luke 2:41-52

I love that Luke (again) points out quiet faithfulness. Mary and Joseph were faithful observers of Passover (v 41.)

• 12 years old (v 42)
• listening and asking questions in the temple (v 46)
• amazed others with his understanding and answers (v 47)
• was aware of being the Son of God and had a sense of his duty as such (v 49)
• chose to be submissive to his earthly parents (v 51)
• increased in wisdom, years, and favor with God and man (v 52)

I love that we see Jesus as Son of God and also son of man. We see him listening and learning in the temple. Gathering with others. Increasing in wisdom. Focusing on the things of God. Choosing submission to earthly authority.

Setting the example for those of us who would follow.

Happy Tuesday – it’s almost Turkey Day! 🦃 ♥️

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