Luke 2:8-21 Faithful in the Ordinary

Luke 2:8-21

Shepherds out in the field.

Keeping watch.

At night.

Ordinary. Mundane. Faithful.

Suddenly, the glory of the Lord shone around them.

The Lord didn’t appear to the shepherds with the mega flocks, book deals, prominent platforms, or popular podcasts.

They were in the field, in the dark of the night, doing what shepherds do. And the Lord knew exactly where to find them.

The world is obsessed with celebrities instead of servants. High profiles instead of lowly hearts. Fame instead of faithfulness.

But, friend, the Lord is not moved by such things. Sometimes – faithfulness looks a lot like ordinary. And the Lord is pleased by it.

It’s okay if the world doesn’t applaud. Stay faithful in the watches of the night. And, one day, the glory of the Lord is going to shine. And he knows exactly where to find you.

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