Luke 2:1-7 The Time Came

Luke 2:1-7

Christmas Story Cast of Characters

Joseph (v 4)
• of the house and lineage of David

Mary (v 5)
• Joseph’s betrothed and with child

Jesus (v 7)
• Mary’s firstborn son
• wrapped in swaddling cloths
• laid in a manger

It’s the story that never grows old. God wrapped in flesh. The long awaited Christ.

And, after all the generations of waiting and wondering, “the time came” (v 6).

A thrill of hope.

A weary world rejoices.

A new and glorious morn.

At our house, we make chains of paper rings counting down the number of sleeps until Christmas. (It’s 36, by the way.) The kids run to it each morning to tear off one more ring that takes them one night closer.

I can’t even imagine how excited God was for that first Christmas. He had a plan to save his people and the time had come for hope to enter the darkness. I imagine him whispering, “Don’t give up. He’s coming for you.”

And, I can’t help but think God is counting down the days until his Son comes one final time to lead us all home. Only the Father knows the day but there will be a moment when “the time comes.”

Whatever darkness you’re dealing with – whatever battle is raging around you – I imagine God whispering…

Don’t give up. He’s coming for you.

Happy Friday, friends.

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