Luke 1:46-56 Magnify the Lord

Luke 1:46-56

My soul magnifies and my spirit rejoices… v 46-47

{Deep in my soul – there is a clearer understanding of your greatness, God.

And my entire being rejoices in that understanding.}

For God…

• has looked on the humble estate of his servant (v 48)

• has done great things for me (v 49)

• is holy (v 49)

• has mercy for those who fear him (v 50)

• has shown strength with his arm (v 51)

• has scattered the proud (v 51)

• has brought down the mighty (v 52)

• has exalted those of humble estate (v 52)

• has filled the hungry with good things (v 53)

• has helped his servant Israel (v 54)

When we magnify something, we don’t make the actual thing bigger. Our vision of it is just made clearer. When we begin to grasp the greatness and goodness of God – our soul magnifies him and we see him more clearly. And – then – we can’t help but rejoice.

You are loved.

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